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Become a Pro Blogger using WordPress

WordPress is a solid, powerful blogging system ideal for publishers who are on a budget but who don't want to give up any functionality. Each WordPress post is formatted with search engine friendly URLs that also look good to humans. Comments can be extensively moderated: you can review them before they go live. You can also filter comments containing certain words or more than a certain number of links. WordPress' built-in blogroll management tool allows you to categorize blogs, set criteria for the display order of the links, and turn off and on visibility. You can also import an existing blogroll from various link manager services.

Most people only ever use WordPress to create a blog or two and fail to realize the sheer power and flexibility of this software and what it can really do for your bottom line. There are literally hundreds of plug-in that make it very confusing and leaves the user with many unanswered question like:

- Which plug-ins should you use?
- How do you configure Wordpress for maximum profit?
- How do you make it look professional?
- How can you monetize it?
- How can you stop yourself being flooded by blog comment spam?

Wordpress is incredibly flexible, quick to install and easy to customize how it looks. In fact, I'd say it was almost effortless to use! And as it is free every penny you make from your Wordpress site is pure profit!

With Wordpress you can create almost any type of profit pulling website from a membership site to an authority site to an Adsense site to a review blog, which is one of the many powerful reasons why Wordpress is essential for your business and profit.

If you are new to Wordpress it may take you literally weeks if not months to go through the hundreds of pages of the Wordpress users manual and plug-ins to find out what's needed to setup your Wordpress for making money. But we've done all the hard work for you. Simply watch and learn from these high quality video tutorials and become an expert within a few hours. We believe there is nothing like this on the market today.

So in a nutshell this is ...

A Complete Video Training Course that Reveals WORDPRESS's Money Making Secrets!

Total Episodes: 13

Running Time: 1 Hours 40 Mins

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Installation Of Wordpress

This episode walks you through the installation of the Wordpress software. It's easier than you think! We'll show you how you can install with just a click of a button!

 Running Time: 8:16


Configuring Wordpress

There are so many options in Wordpress which makes it often confusing to configure. In this episode we'll show you the optimal way to configure Wordpress for the best results.

 Running Time: 10:04


Picking a Theme

The layout and structure of your Wordpress website is known as a Theme. We'll show you where you can get access to thousands of FREE Wordpress themes for your Wordpress site. Learn how to change the look of your entire site with the click of a button!

 Running Time: 3:19


Uploading Themes

Once you have picked your Wordpress theme for your web site you will need to upload the theme to your Wordpress installation. Usually these themes often come zipped up. We'll show you how to upload and install your new theme quickly and easily.

 Running Time: 1:54


Customize Your Theme

Eventually you will want to customize the layout of your Wordpress site and often this proves to be the most difficult step for many users. In this episode we'll dimistify this process and show you how to quickly and easily customize the look and feel of your site. Discover how to quickly add menu items and make your site look highly professional.

 Running Time: 4:38


Wordpress Settings

Wordpress has a rich set of options which can overwhelm even the experienced user. We'll show you how to navigate your way through the many Wordpress settings find the best ways to set up your Wordpress site.

 Running Time: 7:55


Protection Against Spam

Spamming unfortunately is a fact of life on the Internet. When you allow your visitors to leave comments on your site, you open yourself up as a target for spamming. These spam comments quickly become very time consuming to manage. So in this episode we'll show you a very cool plugin that virtaully elliminates spam on your site! Make sure you watch this episode and implement it straight away.

 Running Time: 5:52


Get Indexed In Search Engine In Minutes

We'll show you the exact plugin you need to get your blog indexed in minutes. We'll show you step by step how to configure this plugin and the little tweaks it needs for maximum results!

 Running Time: 7:07


Monetizing Your Blog

Most people find it hard to believe that you can actually make money from your blog site. But it's absolutely 100% true. The amount you can make will only depend on the effort you want to put into it. We'll show you some of the best ways to generate an income from your site. At the very least you'll want to make enough money so that your web site will pay for itself!

 Running Time: 9:22


Backing Up Your Blog

This is probably one of the most important maintenance steps you need to learn. We'll expalin why you need to backup your blog. Then we'll show you an easy way to automatically backup your Wordpress blog.

 Running Time: 12:11


Socializing Wordpress

Learn how to increase your backlinks and traffic at the click of a button. See exactly how to install this powerful plugin and how to configure it.

 Running Time: 7:42


More Plugins - Part 1

In this episode, we'll show you some very useful plugins for your Wordpress blog. Learn how to laser target your Adsense ads. See how to give a first time visitor to your blog a special welcome message. Find out how to easily get detailed statistics for your Wordpress blog.

 Running Time: 8:32


More Plugins - Part 2

Discover how to quickly add pictures, video and audio to any blog post. Learn another powerful way to add multiple streams of income to your Wordpress blog. Turn your Wordpress blog into a fully featured shopping cart!

 Running Time: 11:34


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