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I've purchased a Video tutorial product.  Can I share it with others? No.  Each video series is licensed to only one person.  You may not share the series with anyone else.  You may install the videos on more than one computer, however if we notice an unusually high number of license requests for the content, we will disable your ability to acquire additional licenses for additional computers. 
I experienced an error message on the website after I purchased a series and don't know if the purchase was successful. Please contact us immediately.  We will respond quickly during normal business hours (9am - 5pm US Eastern Standard Time).
I never received a link or email after my purchase.  What can I do? Please contact us immediately.  We will respond quickly during normal business hours (9am - 5pm US Eastern Standard Time).
I purchased a Video tutorial product, however I get an error when I try to watch it.  What should I do?  Most problems can be corrected with either of these two steps:


1) By testing your Flash Player installation

2) By using WinZip with the "Use Folder Names" option while unzipping the downloaded product.


Detailed download and installation instructions


IF YOU STILL ARE HAVING PROBLEMS ... Please contact us, include your phone number, when you can be called, and AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE (i.e., error messages, Windows version, Browser type and version, screen shot if possible, etc.) 

What are the requirements to watch the videos?  Our VideoStudio Tutorials run using the free Macromedia Flash Player


Our Demos use the free Apple Quick Time player


Our MediaStudio Pro Tutorials work on Windows Media Player version 9.0 (or higher).  You can download it here:


Download here.


For the Mac, try the latest version (7.1):


Download here.

How do I opt out of the mailing list?  Each email we send has a link at the very bottom to opt out of the mailings.  This will automatically remove you from that mailing. 
What will you do with my email address?  In short, we never rent or sell email addresses to ANYONE, and we honor all requests to opt out of  our newsletters and notifications.
I'm an expert at _______, can I create videos for this site?  We are always looking for Video authors who are experts having both good credentials and good communication skills.  Please contact us for more details.